Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blog moved!

I'm a bad blogger...I decided to make the move to Wordpress with the Adventures of a Part Time Wheeler blog.  There are things I like about both blogging platforms, and dislike about both platforms, but it is allowing me to organize my posts in a way that works better for my work/school/pain-addled brain right now.  I'm hoping that I will be able to afford my own URL as well in the fall (likely www.parttimewheeler.com, or a similar derivation).  It's still under construction, so don't mind the dusty bits.

Feel free to head over there and take a look.  If you like what I'm writing, doing, accomplishing, I would love donations to my adaptive aid fund through GoFundMe or directly through Paypal.  If you like how I write and want to hire me for editing work, check out the details here to get started (rates negotiable!  Help a gimpy grad student pay her medical bills!).