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I'm Casey, and I'm a 30-something living in North Carolina.  I'm a doctoral student in kinesiology, focusing on how culture impacts physical activity, specifically fat athleticism and disability sport.  I believe that fun physical activity is a social justice issue and that access to physical activity for people of all body shapes, sizes, abilities, backgrounds, identities, walks of life, et al. is a public health concern.

I've been a semi-professional belly dancer, an amateur triathlete, a CrossFitter, an avid cyclist, and an overall gym rat.  Most of these labels are in the past tense though due to an injury to my L5 vertebra that has caused a degenerating disc and nerve damage (and a one-level spinal fusion in January of 2013).  This blog was created to talk about my experiences as a fat disabled person trying to find themselves in physical activity, and how these various pieces of my life intersect...particularly because I've been using a wheelchair part-time.

If you have questions about me, my life, my work, my identities, or even my cats....please ask!  While my openness about my various disabilities (particularly the non-visible, non-wheelchair related ones) has sometimes made people uncomfortable, I would rather take time to educate and inform.  Let's just say my physiology is unique enough that I took an upper-level biology class in undergrad for fun to understand myself...I think my body's pretty neat sometimes (when it's not being frustrating!).

Since blogging is an unpaid labor of love, I would love for folks to help support this venture in whatever ways they choose to.  I participate in several rewards programs that have referral benefits like InboxDollars, CrowdTap, MyPoints, SliceThePie, and Swagbucks (all of which I've received tangible rewards from, mostly in the form of Amazon gift cards that I can cash in for textbooks and other scholarly materials).  I also have an Amazon referral setup, where if you click on one of the Amazon links on my blog, I will receive a small referral credit on your purchase (and every little bit helps!)


If you would rather, I can accept donations through PayPal through the donation button below.  Donations will mainly going to keeping my precious cats Bela and Serenity fed and to help with the endless stream of medical bills that are a result of both my birth defect and my spine surgery.  Every little bit helps me to keep writing!


Thanks for visiting!

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