Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adventures in shopping: Best Buy

geek inside logoI'm a geek at heart, so wandering around an electronics store is pretty fun for me.  I'll ogle the computers, ooh over the fancy cameras (I would love to get a fancy one like this so I can take fancy dance photos of people), wander the aisles of video games (I own an Xbox 350 and a Wii), and anything else that catches my eye.  Well, I was on a bit of a mission today.  First was to look at a new digital camera (sadly not one of the big fancy ones like I linked above, but one to replace my eight year old beastie).  Second was to take a look at a multimedia shelving unit as my DVDs and games have outgrown my little shelf.  I found this one in the Best Buy weekly ad, and thought that it deserved a looksee in person.

So I'm wandering around the store with a basket balanced on my footplate, getting a few odd looks because of the basket.  I silently whine at the cost of the computer with ten gigs of RAM, then head to the digital cameras (looking longingly at the big fancy ones).  I find a camera on clearance that I dig, then traipse through the video games.  I turn my nose up at the Xbox Kinect and its associated games (it's barely accessible to folks who are seated for whatever reason).  I then try to find the shelf, which was in this weird narrow aisle.  I find it, then found out that the box had wheels on the bottom!

Wheels!  On the bottom of the heavy box!!  It was amazing.  I was on wheels, moving furniture unaided because the box also had wheels!  Granted, it was awkward to move it, but I was so thrilled that I could move something that heavy by myself, unaided.  I don't know if I would count that box as an example of universal design, but it was amazing.  I was giggling as I was rolling myself and the shelf to the register.  Customers looked at me, asked if I wanted help, but I turned it down and continued to laugh.  I couldn't tell if the clerk was amused or horrified, but I think it was more amusement when I pointed out the wheels at the bottom of the box.

Fast forward to later this evening, and because of using my wheels for that shopping trip and a trip to WalMart afterwards, I was able to get some housework done.  A good day indeed.


  1. As someone who can only use one arm...I can relate to this. It's annoying having to plan around, "Is that too heavy to carry with one arm? Who am I going to get to help me with that?" I've gotten *very* creative sometimes, and done some things that I probably shouldn't have when you consider the potential for dropping something or damaging myself...

    Yay for geeks :)

    1. Yay for geeks indeed :-) Not sure if you are a geek, but the AbleGamers group is pretty fantastic...I used their page for some research on the Xbox Kinect to see if it was seated friendly (it's touch and go on that).

      I'm getting better about not being so stubborn/creative...sometimes :-)