Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Author wearing a baseball cap saying "Iron Girl," black long-sleeved shirt with "Challenged Athletes Foundation," racing number 3104, blue workout pants, sitting in blue-framed wheelchair, flexing one arm.  Pic taken before my first wheeled 5k race
Not a Paralympian, but definitely a parathlete!
With the opening of the Paralympics tomorrow, I'm going to give you lovely readers some reading about how to watch, what to watch, and some other interesting things about what many folks consider the pinnacle of disability sport.

For US fans, most of our options to watch the Paralympics are online.  But for more news bits (including tips on how to get the most of your Paralympics watching...
Knowing me, there will be more Paralympics posts as I find information and as I try to find time to watch (trying find time to watch tv while being a doctoral student is an interesting feat).

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