Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The system is making me broke/n

Blurry photo of a grey tabby cat with a stuffed penguin on a beige & grey couch
Serenity, my grey tabby*
As a working disabled person in the USA, our system sucks. Because we don't have socialized health care, a person in my current situation has very few options. I have insurance through my job (student insurance, but still). No job/school, no insurance. I'm unable to work most 40 hour a week jobs due to this spine fracture, so quitting school to only work isn't an option (especially in this economy, especially because disabled folks are discriminated against in the workforce). Part time jobs usually don't have benefits. That would potentially leave me with trying to get on disability to get Medicare to have spine surgery.

This system sucks. If we had universal health care, PwDs could work without facing the potential loss of health care...which would make for more tax payers (yay capitalism). It would also be cost-effective because preventative health care is cheaper than ER visits (and I saw a lot of folks last night at Urgent Care with issues that would have been best treated at a primary care facility).

ObamaCare isn't enough. Look to Europe, Canada, Cuba....look at what economists call "developed" or "industrialized" countries, and look at what we're lacking. Then think back at stories like mine, where I'm literally in tears wondering if our health system dysfunction could inevitably lead me to having to take a leave of absence from school (and work, as my job is dependent on me being a grad student). Please. I know this rant is fueled by pain medication, frustration, & tears, but there's a reason. I'm definitely not the only one in this position.

*The photo is random...just a blurry photo of my elder cat Serenity in front of a stuffed penguin a good friend gave to me.

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  1. We love penguins in this home so that's a keeper. Serenity is another, as she helps provide some stress management for you. Last, the insurance in this country sucks. You nailed that one for sure. My company doesn't offer health care or anything in fact. I have to pay to have my medical through the state, which is fine. However, I received a dollar pay raise, so now my co-pay is tremendously higher. Your rant is justified that's for sure. You are not alone. There are others out there like you and I who have to weigh the pros and cons. I cannot keep a job outside of my situation, and yet SSI say's I'm not disabled enough to get it. We struggle to get by, and at times, its not enough. Keep up your fight, push through the pain, and use that as your fuel to get what you need. Do not let them tell you "no" because there is another answer, they just don't want you to know it.