Monday, November 19, 2012

Bela's donation page

Orange tabby in a white blanket on blue soft pet bed, with a nasogastric tube, an IV on his right paw, and sad look on his face. A pale hand is under his chin.
My Bela, sometimes known as BubbaCat: GiveForward Page
An update on Bela, part of my furry support system who is seriously ill.  He's still in critical condition and in veterinary ICU.  My partner and I got to see him for about a half an hour, just the three of us.  He was brought in with a plastic cone around his head.  He has an NG tube for feeding and hydration, and an IV in his paw with two ports.  He's on two kinds of antibiotics and something for pain.  He had an ultrasound on his liver and pancreas, but the vet didn't find anything.

His vitals are staying good, but the vets are keeping us in a "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" mindset right now.  We're hoping for a treatable infection instead of cancer.  We're hoping that he keeps breathing well, but have given authorization to do CPR and other life saving measures.  He's young and has been healthy his whole four-ish years of life, but this illness hit pretty hard and we still haven't found out why his white cell count is really high or why is liver is struggling.

Bela let us pet him, dote on him, cry on him (that was me), and tell him how much he loved us.  He seemed to be doing better than when I left for work this morning, but I could tell that he was still in bad shape.  When the ICU nurse came back to get him hooked up again, he perked up, looked back and forth at us as if to say "why can't my parents stay with me?"  I started crying again (as I am now as I write this, so pardon the grammar mistakes).

We've started a GiveForward page for his care.  I put the goal at $3.000 because that was the vet's initial estimate, although I'm afraid we'll probably go over that (I've already paid about $1900).  I think we would be able to manage financially if it was just his medical care (although it would be tight).  The problem is that it intersects with my own health issues, both spine related and birth defect related.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, I can no longer put off spinal fusion but I'm trying to get the rest of my health stuff straightened out before I go under the knife.  So, the GiveForward fundraising page is a combined effort for Bela's immediate health and our long-term health as a family.

Another way to help out is by using my Amazon referral link (for instance, start with this link to Bela's favorite toy mice).  Clicking through my page gets me a little bit of referral money, and every little bit helps (you don't have to buy Bela more was just a way to put the link in).

Thanks to everyone supporting us in whatever ways you are able.  Thank you.

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