Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Bad photo with tight top
So I use a neat survey site called CrowdTap that asks various questions about various companies and products, one of them being Old Navy (I generally love Old Navy as my fashion preferences are usually pretty plain but functional and semi-sporty).  I got the opportunity to sample their Active line using a coupon that gave me a pair of compression pants and a top.  I was pretty excited, but a little nervous since the coupon was for in-store use only and their plus sizes are offered only online.  I generally fit in their XL or XXL straight sizes, but their sizing is consistently inconsistent.

The photo to the right shows me, a pale short & fat woman, wearing fitted black capris with teal trim on the calf, black socks, fitted teal top, with my right hand on my hip, left hand holding on to a table for balance.

So I went to one of the local shops with my partner to see what we could find.  I was really excited by some of the colors, but really dismayed that it was hard to find anything I wanted in anything bigger than a medium.  I lucked out and found some compression pants (which seem to help with some of the leg spasms that I get when I try to work out using my legs) that were in my size with teal mesh insets (ON calls the color "Pirate Cove").  The coordinating tops though stopped at a women's XL.  Since I own some of ON's tops in XL, I poked through the rack to see if I could find the biggest XL I could find (I think my other half was confused by this until I showed him the several inches difference between the biggest XL and another XL of the same color).  I decided to risk the smaller size as the only options in store for the XXL were an eye-piercing pink and a see-through white.  I'm not comfortable with how the XL hugs my tummy rolls and the sleeves are too tight for a good TRX workout (or anything with a lot of arm movement).

The photo was taken for the CrowdTap challenge that gave me the free clothes.  The top would be awesome in the right size for working out at the gym as the fabric is a nice technical (quick-drying) fabric.  The pants would be awesome if they were a bit shorter (but I'm 4'11" so I think everything should be shorter!) and if they had a drawstring in the waist to keep them up.

I just wish I could find the XXL top locally in the teal "Pirate Cove" color!  I also wish that the plus size clothes, especially the activewear, were available in stores because of the odd sizing issues that I always have with them.

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  1. I sympathise from the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm 5'10" and I can't find anything that is proportioned for taller women these days. Its not just length, the higher waist trend puts it right under the boobs on me. Makes me look round and dumpy.

    Adding a casing and drawstring to the pants would be easy, if you have a sewing machine.