Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back from Gen Con into the Fall semester fryer

On Sunday, we found a giant gnome!  (He's from Gnome Games)
Photo description: this is the exhibition hall at Gen Con with booths & lots of people in the background. I'm seated in my chair next to a very tall gnome (mascot-type costume).
Yesterday I got back from Gen Con (a huge gaming convention).  My fiance, my good friend, and I  got off a plane, got our luggage, got the car, then had my fiance drop me off at my first class of the semester (Physical Activity and Health)!  I'll put together a post about the trip in the next few days, but I have to say that US Airways is officially my favorite airline.  I'm always treated with respect and kindness, they never mangle my wheels or my luggage, and they try to reseat me closer to the front of the plane whenever possible (along with my companions!).


  1. It is good to be treated with respect, I wonder if the airlines have an issue with electric mobility scooters

    1. I don't have recent experience with electric scooters...a friend of mine that I used to PCA for would fly with his, and he would have issues with the airline crew trying to fold the handle into strange configurations. I sometimes have similar issues when they try to fold my rigid wheelchair. I've heard that a lot of the post 9/11 issues have to do with types of batteries, so checking with the airline before flying would be in a person's best interest.