Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cyborg Dance Project Week 8: Gettin' busy

The sign on my front door of my home
Photo description: A white door with a framed sign hanging on the front of it.  It has a black frame with white background and says "Life isn't about waiting for the Storm to pass, It's about learning to Dance in The Storm."

This is the week that the Projekt and scholarly life collide.  Since I got back from Gen Con and literally went from airplane to classroom, I haven't had much time to breathe, relax, and get caught up on sleep.  On top of it, my partner's car needed repairs and I got a parking ticket warning despite my handicap placard at a parking meter.  By the time I got to the studio, my dance options at the non-beginner level were limited to just the ATS 2 class.  Forced moderation!

I'm finding that I'm still having a lot of trouble staying in proper dance posture and having trouble standing in one place at all without bending my knees backward or letting my back arch.  I'm slowly getting better about being able to zill and stay vertical, which feels like a minor miracle sometimes when I have to expend a lot of energy making sure my feet are where I think they are (my proprioception problems aren't going away, and I probably won't be getting any more feeling back in my lower body since I'm 7 months post-op).

At the end of the class, a couple of the other dance instructors joined us in some group improv....and ended up teaching the other level 2 students my favorite move (Egyptian half-turn) along with the Egyptian full-turn.  I've been worried that I'll toss those moves in when we do class improv, so now I know I can toss these in when I lead (probably not the full-turn because I have trouble staying upright with any full turn move at speed).

After class I chatted with Xavier (who I've mentioned in other dance posts) and told him about Different Drummer Belly Dance at Gen Con.  We chatted about geek belly dance and we started conspiring about doing our own geek choreo...I'm thrilled, especially since the Arabian Spices performance opportunity fell through.

Week 9 of the Projekt will probably involve three classes at Twisted Dance: Xavier's Sunday Intermediate cabaret class,  Tuesday ATS 2, and Wednesday Intermediate Tribaret (Melissa's class moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, so that'll help with being more gentle to my body).  While life is going to be busy between scholarly classes, time at the studio, paid work, wedding planning, and dealing with life in general, I usually thrive while busy...I'll find out pretty quickly if my body is up for this schedule! *fingers crossed*

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