Thursday, September 5, 2013

Invitation for guest bloggers

As some of you have probably noticed, the school year has picked up and my blogging has slowed down.  I'm working on a Cyborg Dance Projekt post for weeks 9 & 10, a conclusion to the bike commuting experiment (short story: it failed), a post about Gen Con (short story: it was fun and I did it better than last year), a little something about my birthday, and a couple guest posts elsewhere.

Interested but not sure what to post about?  I'm looking for intersections of body size, disability, dance, physical activity, geeky pursuits, and social justice issues.  Guest posts don't necessarily have to be about those, but it helps.  I'd like to give people a platform to talk about personal experiences and things that they are passionate about.  I'll post calls for papers and presentations for conferences, book anthologies, or projects that give marginalized people a voice.

Your submission can be as long or short as you like (or you could do a series of posts).  Please be aware that images need descriptions and videos (or audio files) that you link to need transcripts for accessibility purposes. 

Happy September!

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