Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things I've learned from modeling

    2013- Travis McKeithan Photography
    Photo on the right is from Travis McKeithan Photography.  It has a black background with dramatic lighting. My hair is medium auburn and barely touches my shoulders, I'm wearing green plastic framed glasses, a black necklace with a green chainmail pendant, a grey football shirt with four female Marvel superheroes that says "femme fatale" in white lettering.  My body is shown from the hips up.  My head is facing partially to the right with my chin held high with a facial expression that seems to say "yeah, so?"

    Folks that know me in person may know that I've dabbled in modeling the past six or so months.  Nothing major, and nothing paid...more for personal exploration and awesome body positivity art projects.  Some day I might publish the post about my first modeling experience....but for now, here are some thoughts and observations from my few adventures in front of the camera.

    • Modeling can be physically, mentally, and emotionally hard work
    • Modeling is fun, especially when I can dance and play
    • Having someone to use as a modeling mentor makes it easier (thanks to Heather of Fat Girl Posing)
    • I need to learn how to do more dramatic makeup (both for photos and dance performances)
    • I don't need to love my body to find photos of my body interesting and thought provoking (although being uncomfortable can translate easily to looking uncomfortable)
    • Cellulite looks neat with shadows
    • So do scars, no matter how new or old they are
    • Photos don't have to be pretty to be engaging
    • I'm prone to Bitchy Resting Face (YouTube link here)
    • I probably love bright colors because I look good with them
    • Clothing is a prop
    • Makeup can be a prop as well
    • I will notice "imperfections" that others will not notice
    • There are no imperfections, only uniqueness 
    • I burn a lot of spoons doing it, but it's so much fun...I sometimes pay dearly for my fun just like I do with dancing, but I love it
    • Self-consciousness can be shed
    • Modeling is a lot like acting or dancing...if you aren't "in character" or are feeling uncomfortable, it will show
    Some of that was stream of consciousness and is subject to change.  I'm not a visual arts scholar nor do I consider my self a visual artist (dancer yes, but not a dance scholar).



    1. Love this post! I suffer from Bitchy Resting Face too. I need to allow more photos to be taken of me, I always hate the way I look in photos so I shy away from the camera.

    2. Yay for a fun hobby that breeds body positivity. I know I love when I get a chance to do modeling stuff. Also, check out YouTube for make up ideas. There are tons of fun tutorials.

      1. Thanks for that tip. I'm legally blind in my right eye, so that ups the difficulty level....but I think some good old fashioned practice is in order!