Friday, December 6, 2013


My crutch plus a rainbow rose
I just wanted to say that I apologize for the huge gaps in this blog.  I have ten posts, all unfinished, in the hopper but I can't get the right combination of time and energy to finish them (like the Gen Con post, or the post about going to National Women's Studies in November, or thanksgiving).  I've been incredibly busy and would love to tell you folks how it's all going....but I just am struggling right now!

With my GP (and not much help from my pain management doctor, sadly), we're trying to figure out why my energy level has tanked, why I'm having trouble with my short term memory and reading comprehension (which is a particularly hellish symptom in grad school), and why I still am sleeping like garbage despite how exhausted I am all the time (improperly treated pain plus untreated narcolepsy is my current guess).  I had a medial branch block series of injections yesterday that is supposed to help narrow down the nerve problems I'm having post-spinal fusion (we'll see what happens with that....I'll blog about that experience once I clear finals + my wedding).  On top of all that (plus the financial mess that makes because of the American Medical Industrial Complex).

Hopefully I'll clean up a post every couple days now that the semester is wrapping up...although I am still working on incomplete coursework from last year (because of surgery and not being able to take a leave of absence due to financial reasons).  Thanks for your patience!

Photo description: A bronze and black forearm crutch laying against a light and medium wooden desk.  A rose with rainbow petals is propped on the crutch.

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