Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back from vacation...and what's in store for this blog!

I just got back yesterday from a lovely vacation to Minnesota (partly to visit family and partly to go to a convention called CONvergence) and I'm slowly putting together a few posts for your viewing pleasure.  Since I was flying across the country (from North Carolina to Minnesota) using a wheelchair for the first time, I have some interesting observations for you all...some pretty awesome, some not-so-much.  Another post about intersections of geekdom and cripdom, and how there seems to be (to my experience) a higher-than-average number of visibly disabled folks in various areas of geek culture (gaming, comic books, anime, science fiction/fantasy, et al).  I might also talk a bit about cosplay and body difference (like size and disability) as either its own post or a part of the post on geeky cripdom/crippy geekdom.

One final exciting thing coming up.  Pattie Thomas of User Friendly Vegas is going to be guest blogging about her fantastic project.  She also has a GoFundMe page set up for folks who want to contribute to the project.

Expect some posts in the next couple days!

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