Sunday, July 1, 2012

A couple neat things I found recently

Since swimming has been on my mind lately, I wanted to share a couple things I found recently.  The first page is entitled "Plus-Size Swimmers Find Support Making Waves" (it's an audio file).  The fabulous Dr. Linda Bacon was interviewed for it.

Another page is Fat Swimming.  They say that they are a "site was created by fat folks who love to swim, for fat swimmers and our friends and allies. The intention of this site is to celebrate our fat bodies, promote the joy of swimming and other aquatic activities, and support fat folks of all genders and abilities to find safe, accessible places to be ourselves and have a great time in the water."

Social support makes exercise more accessible to folks of all walks of life.  Seeing bodies like one's own makes a space, a place, or an activity feel more welcoming.  Thanks to everyone out there who help to make these spaces!

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